Beatrix Kramlovsky

Kramlovsky consistently describes the reality and scratches so long on the surface until only bare skin remains.

Zdenka Becker

memoirs of a vagabond

Translated by Laura Ackerman and Mary Tannert

September 2013
Publisher: The Story Vault
Agency: Christine Witthohn
Literary Agent, U.S. and Foreign Rights & Licensing Agent
Book Cents Literary Agency

Thirty years of traveling and living in different cultures and countries, as a mother of young children, an artist under difficult circumstances, an eager student worldwide, and a writer collecting “living stories,” form this special collection of memoirs.


"...Beatrix Kramlovsky has long since made a name for herself as a writer of crime fiction, but here she indulges in her passion for travel in a voice that is often quiet but always extremely observant... She writes of foreign cultures and curiosities with a candor that is sensitive; she poses questions, draws comparisons.“